Sunday, June 26, 2011

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Largest Mosaic

By: Eliza On: 7:32 AM
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  • World's Largest Mosaic
    Two brothers revealed a painstaking reconstruction of Britain's largest Roman mosaic that took them ten years to complete. Bob and John Woodward used 1.6million tiny pieces to produce their copy of the Orpheus pavement. Now the 47ft square pavement is being auctioned and it is expected to fetch £25,000. The mosaic depicts the ancient Greek music master Orpheus and lyre resting on his left knee, his hunting dog alongside him and a myriad of beasts all around him. The work is on display at Prinknash Abbey, near Stroud, but the lease has come to an end and its owner - who does not wish to be identified - has decided to sell. Iona Sale, who is publicizing the event for auctioneers Chorley's, said it had been challenging putting an estimated sale price on the mosaic - because no-one had ever attempted such a feat before.


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